3 useful tips for getting a flat stomach

If you are upset because you cannot fit into those nice fitted jeans of yours anymore, then you are not alone. Many people desire to have a flat stomach. Here are some tips to achieve it.

The magic hour

You should eat a snack containing protein between 3 p.m to 4 p.m. You can eat a protein bar or low-fat cheese. Some almonds or apple will also do. This snack is important as it improves metabolism and balances the blood sugar. When you lower your blood sugar, the insulin level gets lower. Insulin stores fat around your middle. When you eat every three to four hours, your blood sugar remains even.

Do the ball exercise

You should do the ball exchange three times a week. You must lay flat on your back pressing the ground, and your arms must be above your hand. Your legs must be straight out. You can start with the stability ball above your head in your hands. Then bring the ball above your chest and bring your legs up to meet the ball at the same time. You should place it between the ankles. Then bring the ball back down with your legs and arms back to the original place. You should repeat this 10 to 12 times. Your lower back must be pressed to the floor while you do these movements.

Lower your sugar intake

You should eat as less sugar as possible to keep your insulin levels low and the glucagon levels high. Glucagon is a hormone that can get you a flat belly. It takes care of your fat.

These three simple tips will help you lose your belly fat within a short time. You need to maintain this regularly and stay motivated to lose your belly fat and get a flat stomach.

Top 5 reasons why fitness plans often fail

Many of us decide on a fitness program to keep our body fit. We set up our mind and promise to ourselves that we will reach our fitness goal this time. But eventually we fail. This is a common problem for most of us and here are the reasons why fitness plans fail.

Not identifying the goals properly

You shouldn’t go anywhere fast. Before you start your fitness program, you should write down the goals you want to achieve. This way you will be able to focus on the exercises you want to do, instead of doing the wrong exercises in the gym.

Lack of guidance

Instead of moving haphazardly from one machine to another, educate yourself before going to a gym. You should use exercise programs that are pre-tested. You must read books, magazines, and blogs to know which machine works for what or which exercises you must focus on.

Going too fast

People usually start very fast with the fitness program, but later their motivation goes down. You should start slowly. You should first start with small pushes and then move to the big steps. You can do both walking and jogging at the start and then slowly increase your jogging.

Lack of time

You should prioritize your workout and make sure you have time for it. You should find out how much time you need to give for exercising. If you exercise four to five times every week for 30 minutes, then that’s a good start.

Poor eating habits

You should follow a meal plan along with your fitness program. The meal plan must have strong nutritional balance. If you don’t eat right while exercising, it can lead to loss of muscle.

It is a good step you have taken by deciding to start a fitness program. But if you don’t follow these steps, you will soon fail to achieve your fitness goal.

Top 5 health benefits of doing yoga regularly

Yoga is a widely practiced exercise form today. Many people prefer yoga over other forms of exercises. If you are thinking of doing exercise, you can think of doing yoga. Here are five health benefits of doing yoga regularly.


Yoga can stretch your muscles and improve the different motion in your joints. When you practice, yoga poses it helps to release the lactic acid that builds up in the body. The lactic acid builds up is the common cause of morning pains.


By practicing different standing and sitting yoga poses, you will always stand tall and never slouch. You will strengthen your core by using your abdominal muscles to maintain a pose. You will also strengthen your back this way.


Yoga can improve your breathing. If you find yourself out of breath often then you can use the mindful breathing practiced in yoga to improve your situation. If you are an athlete, then it can improve your performance.

Lower Stress

Yoga will give you a sense of calmness that you need after a hard day of work. In yoga, certain meditation techniques are used to stop the mind to think and reduce the level of stress. Deep breathing techniques in yoga help to clear up mind.

Heart Health

Yoga can slow down your heart rate. So, it helps those with blood pressure issues and heart problems. Practicing yoga is, therefore, good for your heart health.

Lower Disease Rate

Yoga is good for most diseases. A study published by showed that Yoga is good for a number of transmittable diseases.

You should practice yoga to stay fit. Compared to other exercises, yoga helps to relax your mind. It is a great way to release your stress and to keep your mind fresh.